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Pacific Northwest Poultry Association Raffle

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The PNPA puts on two large poultry events a year:

1. SPRING – this event is held on the third “full” weekend in April, full of booths staffed by member breeders, it brings them front & center to sell, promote, and answer questions about their breeds. This is an especially good time for youth to decide what breeds they’d like to work with for the coming show season, as well as the general public to pick out breeds they’d to work with. Two raffles: a general raffle for everyone, and a Bird Raffle for youth only, with bird donated by breeders are held as fund-raisers. Speakers are scheduled throughout the day and offer presentations on a wide array of poultry topics. This Spring included Bio-Security & Avian Influenza, About Seramas & How To Show Them Table Top, How to Train Birds For Showmanship & Exhibition, How to Condition & Wash Birds for Shows. Staff was also available at the information table throughout the day to answer questions about poultry.

2. FALL: The Winter Classic & Winter Pearl is a huge Double-Show Event, held the third full weekend in October at the Clark County Event Center and includes two Open Shows, two Youth Shows, Showmanship, a Serama Table Top Show, many breed club meets, and a Pigeon Show, as well as a massive raffle, and multiple vendors & breed club booths.

Members of the PNPA are a wonderful resource to guide and support you and you won’t find more enthusiastic and friendly folks. Contact us for more information about poultry or to join our club.

For more information about showing, download our brochure!