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We have included some of the older Feather Merchants as an interesting read. Also included is a new section called “Historic Documents” in which we intermittently add old articles and photographs. Those should NOT be restricted to membership. They are a great part of history and what got our poultry to us today. We, therefore, are sharing any of the historic documents we’ve published in our newsletters to date.

Archived Feather Merchant PDF’s
2013 01 Feather Merchant
2013 02 Feather Merchant
2013 03 Feather Merchant
2013 04 Feather Merchant
2012 03 Feather Merchant
2012 04 Feather Merchant
2012 05 Feather Merchant
2012 06 Feather Merchant
2012 07/08 Feather Merchant
2012 09 Feather Merchant
2012 10 Feather Merchant
2012 11 Feather Merchant
2012 12 Feather Merchant

Interesting Archived Articles:
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Buying Birds – Expanding Your Options_February 2013
Table-Topping Your Birds
Forever is Better – April 2013
Chicken/Egg? – August 2013

Historic Documents

HISTORY belongs to EVERYBODY. We are providing these articles and photographs for your education, enjoyment and use. Please share freely!

Historic Photos