Meet Our Leaders

Pacific Northwest Poultry Association 2014 Board of Directors

 President: Sher Jennings

I remember the small handful of adults who cared enough to take the time to explain things to me when I was a kid (and didn’t laugh and make fun of me). Their patience and reassuring made me feel comfortable so I was able to learn and grow. Later as an adult, I remember getting my first Jersey Giant, a hen named Ezmerelda. I had never heard of Jersey Giants, and I had never seen such an enormous hen. But it didn’t take long to realize that I needed to find more like her.

Jersey Giants, large and docile, adorn my life now……….in my pastures, nurseries, brooders, and with the youth and adults I work with. And “kids”………..whether youth, or an adult living a childhood dream, still appreciate someone who takes the time to explain, (and doesn’t laugh, or make fun of them).

Vice President: Mike Omeg11174226_10153255403232086_80293411425022271_o

I am a fifth generation farmer in The Dalles, Oregon where I grow over 330 acres of cherries which are sold all over the world. My family lives in the home that my great grandparents built over 100 years ago. I fell in love with chickens the day my grandpa showed up with a semi-load of cattle he had bought at the livestock sale along with a box with a pair of bantam birds with him in the cab. I grew up showing birds in 4-H. I got out of poultry when I went away to college but started up again after graduate school. The heritage meat breeds hold a special place in American history and are a national treasure. At present I breed and show New Hampshire LF but I have had Giants in the past, as part of the “White Giant” project, and have always loved the breed. I enjoy teaching others about poultry and believe that the “hobby” must do more to engage people of all backgrounds and interest levels if we wish for our breeds to recover and flourish with a new generation of poultry keepers.


MattSecretary: Matt Stillman

Matt Stillman……. loves his poultry, loves his dog, shows his poultry, loves his dog, breeds some beautiful large fowl and bantam Langshans,………..and has a REALLY kewl dog!  Dedicated to the hobby and a patient Secretary, we are lucky to have Matt onboard.  Although, we could only find pictures of his dog, and poultry, but mostly Nigel – his dog.




Treasurer: Ciera Walters

Ciera is extremely active with her poultry.  Whether for pets or for exhibition, Ciera works only with the best birds she can find, because she knows the importance of having birds that truly represent the breed.  Her efforts consistently result in her birds going to Champion Row at almost every show she attends.



10612768_922008841148868_5600607407460906248_nOregon Director: Dawn Lytle

Hello, my name is Dawn Lytle. I live outside of Klamath Falls, OR. I have raised poultry all my life and I am 42 years young. I am a FFA State Farmer, won many poultry proficiency awards, large animal and small animal Round Robin awards, State Fair Grand Champion Poultry Showman, ect. I was the poultry Klamath county fair superintendent and leader. I took a club of two members to a club of twenty plus members, and our small animals being able to auction with the large animals. I love teaching, sharing my knowledge, and learning others knowledge. I am married to my high school sweetheart Steve; he is retired battalion Chief for Fire Suppression. He has his own Gun Smithing business. We raise Hay, Cattle, Miniature Horses, Call Ducks and Cornish. I have shown breed and showmanship in many species throughout my life. I Lived most of my life on a Quarter horse riding range, but due to physical issues I can no longer ride a horse, so mini’s are the next best horse for me. I hope to meet everyone.

20140822_083010Washington Director: Seth Scarola

In addition to being a Director for the PNPA, Seth is also the editor of the Feather Merchant.  Dedicated to his family and to helping youth, Seth is currently working on his APA judge certificate.





ElizabethYouth Director: Elizabeth Craig

Our Youth Director!!!……what can we say……..ALWAYS SMILING, always helping, loves her family and loves her animals, especially her chickens……….ESPECIALLY her Seramas.  An avid pet lover, poultry exhibitor, and teacher, we are lucky to have her in the PNPA.




John washYouth Director at Large: John Jensen Jr.

John was our last Youth Director.  While running a business, John stays deeply involved as a youth leader in 4H and Boy Scouts, while coordinating other youth related projects for the local fair and poultry clubs.  Always there with a smile and a word of encouragement, and always willing to teach and instruct, he is one of the people that has made the PNPA a great success.



Website Manager: Jacquelyn Jefferies

I was born into a ranching family. My father and both grandfathers were cattlemen, so I spent my youth raising show steers and constantly working on showmanship. My poultry adventure didn’t begin until adulthood, when I decided I wanted a backyard flock to lay eggs for our family. I designed and built a coop and waited in anticipation for my mail-order chicks to arrive. My favorite, almost from day one was a lovely Jersey Giant pullet. She didn’t make it to maturity, but I promised myself that I would get another some day. My quest for the best quality Jersey Giants I could find led me to become a part of this team. When I’m not thinking, reading, or learning about chickens, I’m teaching high school, knitting, camping, fishing, hiking, baking, gardening, working on the computer, or building something.

Screen shot 2015-08-20 at 9.50.10 PMPNPA Youth Ambassador: Kylie Holveck

Hi my name is Kylie Holveck.  I am a Junior in high school, a 4-H member and will soon be participating in the FFA program this following year.  I’ve found great joy in my hobbies which include poultry, pigeons, public speaking, and of course writing!  I write most of (if not all) the things in Kidz Korner of the Feather Merchant and enjoy it, but it’s also a lot of hard work so you can bet I’ll be twisting some of my club members arms to write some things (lucky them)!  After high school I wish to continue my education at Oregon State to learn how to be an Agricultural Spokesperson.  Becoming a PNPA Youth Ambassador has been a great honor and I would love to see this grow for other great youth members.